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Read the evidence from ancient texts of both faiths that their leaders don’t want you to know.

⇒ Presented my Seminary Yoga Thesis. It was published by three leading scientific journals! It’s about ancient yoga sciences and their extraordinary parallels with the Bible and modern scientific discoveries about our world and universe. I was also invited to present it at the highly respected  International Congress of Historians of Science. More

About Sanjay:


My mission is to help others through what I call “The Yoga Miracle.”  

Without receiving any salary or compensation for 20 years, I decided to become a monk. I dedicated the prime youth of my life to learning yoga and meditation. Living at a monastery in the wilderness of India, we also helped the poor and those afflicted by natural disasters. More

What I learned was due to the inspiration of my parents and spiritual teachers.

⇒ Helped employees of Apple, Oracle, Google, Barclays etc.

⇒ Authored best-selling books such as The Yoga Miracle

⇒ Spoke with top speakers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Yoga is more than twisting into a pretzel. It’s about untwisting the wound up mind.”

~ Sanjay C Patel

Let me transform you through Yoga!

Yoga helps you experience inner peace, energy, and aligns you for success!

Yoga is a celebration of life and your deepest self.  It’s rooted in your inner core. It’s an oasis of the greatest wonders imaginable!

Let me help you experience lasting inner peace, reduce stress, become a better version of you, improve your relationships, boost your creativity, and achieve your true potential.


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Testimonials By Doctors

“I learned yoga from Mr. Sanjay Patel when I attended his yoga sessions with other students in India. I also attended his teaching sessions in the USA in 2004. He taught the asana, forms of pranayamas and meditation based on Patanjali Yoga in a highly skilled manner to novice and experienced alike.”

Dr. Mahesh Dave, MD


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