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To help others through what I call

“The Yoga Miracle.”

Meditation is the Heart of Yoga  

I decided to become a monk and serve people without receiving any salary or compensation for 20 years. I dedicated the prime youth of my life to learning yoga and meditation. Living at a monastery in the wilderness of India, we also went out to help the poor and those afflicted by natural disasters. More

Sanjay C Patel, former monk of 20 years, Yoga and Meditation expert, meditation candles, lamps

Sanjay is a Former Monk of 20 Years!

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Sanjay C Patel has received standing ovations and spoken on the same platform with top speakers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Yoga is more than twisting into a pretzel. It’s about untwisting the wound up mind.”

~ Sanjay C Patel

 Sanjay’s Research Thesis was published internationally in three scientific journals

He also presented his discoveries at the prestigious International Congress of Historians of Science

In 2004, Sanjay submitted his Seminary Yoga Thesis to major scientific journals. It was published by three leading scientific bodies! It’s about ancient yoga sciences and their extraordinary parallels with modern scientific discoveries about our world. Download Free



Interfaith Harmony and Understanding

Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism are deeply connected with each other. And science.


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