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To help others through what I call

“The Yoga Miracle.”

Meditation is the Heart of Yoga  

I decided to become a monk and serve people without receiving any salary or compensation for 20 years. I dedicated the prime youth of my life to learning yoga and meditation. Living at a monastery in the wilderness of India, we also went out to help the poor and those afflicted by natural disasters. More

Sanjay C Patel, former monk of 20 years, Yoga and Meditation expert, meditation candles, lamps

Sanjay is a former Hindu Monk of 20 Years!

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Sanjay C Patel has received standing ovations and spoken on the same platform with top speakers such as

In Yoga,

What Is God?

God is not a bearded man with a fiery temper. God is an infinite, incomprehensible, and luminous Being of Love, Intelligence, and Bliss called Sat-Chit-Anand.

Seven Breakthroughs by Sanjay in Science and Religion

1. Judaism and Yoga-Hinduism are ancient relatives

2. In Genesis and Yoga-Hindu texts God presides over a dark abyss of water

3. Genesis and Yoga-Hindu texts both describe Noah’s Flood

4. Yoga-Hindu texts contain important material lost from Genesis that is harmonious with science

5. Genesis’s 6 “days” are eons that demonstrably connect with science

6. Other Jewish and Yoga-Hindu texts describe the Big Bang creation in demonstrable harmony with science

7. Ancient Yoga sages knew a lot more about the universe than they should not have known Learn more


Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism are deeply connected with each other. And science.

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"This book was well written and very interesting. It seems one intent of this book is to prove to non-believers that (as the title states) God is real. The author does this by taking sections of ancient religious texts and comparing them to "modern discoveries". When these texts and modern science match they are referred to as a convergence. The author feels that since there would be no way the ancients would know, for example, the particular characteristics of volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean floor which they accurately describe it must be through some form of Divine intelligence. There are over 100 of these convergences in this book, most of which are very surprising all of which are interesting."
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"I just finished "God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality" and was simply spellbound by the convincing data and information that Patel presents in his in depth and convincing case for God. As a firm believer in God (there has never been a question in my mind that God exits), I found the scientific and anecdotal evidence presented by Sanjay Patel to be convincing and beautifully presented. From the wisdom of the ancient Yogis to the evident information in the Bible, how can there ever be any doubt as to the wisdom of God's creation and his universe?"
Kevin L. Freeman
Kevin L. Freeman
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"Dr. Sanjay Patel brings a great deal of exciting information to light with "God is Real", and I found the book to be well written, very well researched, and I can truly appreciate the level of quality, effort, and devotion that he has put into it. Not only did I find the evidence outlined in these pages to be quite moving, but I took great pleasure in reading the material and considering Dr. Patel's conclusions as a new perspective on many age-old questions that have been fluttering about in my thoughts for many years."

 Sanjay’s Thesis on Science and Spirituality has been published internationally in scientific journals!

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In 2004, Sanjay submitted his Seminary Yoga Thesis to major scientific journals. It was published by three leading scientific bodies! It’s about ancient yoga sciences and their extraordinary parallels with the Bible and modern scientific discoveries about our world and universe. I was also invited to present it at the highly respected  International Congress of Historians of Science. Download Free



“Yoga is more than twisting into a pretzel. It’s about untwisting the wound up mind.”

~ Sanjay C Patel

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