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If you do, here's what you're getting!

1. Stretching techniques - stretch your muscles and massage your internal organs.

2. Breathing techniques oxygenate your blood, send nutrients to every cell of your body, reduce stress.

3. Meditation techniques - relax your body, reverse many diseases, calm your nerves, and improve your decision-making.

4. Thinking techniques - take control of your emotions, actions, and reactions.

5. Spiritual nourishment - awaken your powers of intuition, self-confidence, and feelings of tranquil well-being.

All this is as free as the air around you. You don't even need a yoga mat.



Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years and a published researcher. He has a non-dogmatic and non-judgmental worldview. He has practiced and studied yoga and meditation in depth for 40 years. He has taught yoga to thousands.



Yoga is 1 percent about twisting.

49 percent about deep breathing.

50 percent about mental focus or Meditation.

This means, even if you are unable to do any stretching postures,

you can still get 99 percent of yoga's benefits.

This is a scientific fact.

CONQUER stress, depression, and anxiety. Exciting new discoveries in science and medicine show how yoga and meditation help you experience inner tranquility by reducing stress. But even more powerfully, by reducing stress, yoga and meditation reduce - or even reverse - numerous diseases and conditions. For instance, high BP (hypertension), atherosclerosis, angina pectoris (stable angina), cardiac arrhythmias, infertility, insomnia, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, fatigue, allergic skin reactions, cough, headaches, many forms of body pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even side effects of cancer and other intensive treatments.

CALM your mind and make superior choices that bring you success in your career, financially, socially, and personally. New discoveries in brain imaging reveal how yoga and meditation help you become less impulsive and think more clearly. So you make better decisions and get better results in every aspect of your life. 

SLEEP restfully with fewer hectic dreams or sleepless nights. State-of-the art studies show how yoga and meditation improve sleep quality and daytime functionality.

EXPERIENCE enlightenment and empowerment. Yoga and meditation are non-dogmatic. They respect and embrace all faiths. They transport you deeper into your own faith and help you experience genuine intuition, spiritual wellness, and individual empowerment. 

DISCOVER harmonious solutions to the world's most ancient questions. Amazing new findings in science and about ancient yoga beliefs are resolving centuries-old problems and controversies. The discoveries will immerse you in spiritual wonder and scientific harmony. The findings are peer-reviewed and approved by the finest scientists in the field.

WITNESS an extraordinary solution to the centuries-old controversy of Genesis. Ancient yoga and the earliest beliefs of the Bible seem to be connected. It's an emerging new field of study. The connection presents Genesis's Seven Days and Noah's Flood in a whole new light. You will witness the 1000 year-old controversy completely dissolve before your eyes.

JOIN millions of happy yoga and meditation practitioners. Join millions of people like yourself who are experiencing joy, better quality of life, and empowerment through yoga and meditation.

Would you appreciate a balanced and synergetic approach to health, life, spirituality, and science? One that unites the world's people in a way that resolves divisive problems? Then Yoga is for you. It's holistic. It's The Yoga Miracle. 

Yoga Miracle - Yoga teacher training

THE YOGA MIRACLE: How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness


If you are aiming to elevate your health and wisdom as a student or teacher of yoga, knowledge of these remarkable techniques and facts will place you in a superlative category - that of the ancient yogis themselves. 

By SANJAY C PATEL - a former monk of 20 years

Review from scientific writer for the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY

Monograph Series and the fine journal


Prof P.S. Joshi. Expertise: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes. 

Is God Real - consciousness

Is There Proof of God from Yoga?

Does it matter whether a proof of a scientific phenomenon came from British, Indian, or American scientists? No.

Then why should it matter whether evidence of spirituality comes from Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism? It shouldn’t. Some aspects of Yoga (ancient Hinduism) indeed have the concrete proof everyone is looking for.

Yoga also resolves several issues of Genesis in the Bible and connects east and west.

All these facts are scientific, historical, and holistic. They are also peer-reviewed and vetted by mainstream cosmologists, yet discovered by a monk. Explore more about them on our sister website IsGodRealOrUnreal.com.  

 Quick and easy read

Yoga Miracle - Yoga teacher trainingYOU’LL cruise through the stunningly illustrated pages of this short book quickly and easily. Within just a few hours, enlighten yourself in a flood of knowledge. Arm yourself with the information you need to rationally defend your beliefs and experiences. Never again be caught in a situation where you are portrayed or viewed as an irrational person. Feel your energy surge as you absorb these tremendous findings. Familiarize yourself with facts that destroy the narrow-minded arguments of skeptics. In the same master stroke, you will do the same to the naïve-minded arguments of fundamentalists and extremists. READ MORE  

Your Superguide to better yoga and better living

Satisfying answers to some of the world’s most baffling questions.

Satisfying answers to some of the world’s most baffling questions are now in our hands.

REAL yoga is holistic. It's about your body, mind, and spirit. Exercises for your body; wisdom for your mind; stillness for your spirit. Yoga is also key to grasping the real discussion about spirituality. About heaven and your soul. About your spiritual experiences and their genuine REALITY. This is unlike any other book on health, science, and spirituality. No other book or publication in the world discusses health andspiritual experiences in this way. And no other writer has researched this subject from this angle. Why? Because no other writer has had the background required to conduct such an immense work of scholarship. Feast your brain on these magnificent, sumptuous solutions to long-standing controversies! Notice the critical accuracy of the ancient passages with modern science. READ MORE

YOU can relax with complete peace of mind knowing these findings are peer-reviewed

Expand your yoga or meditation experience with these new insights. See how your routine is not only stretching, but connecting. See how ancient yoga wisdom is latent within your soul and connects you with all blessed things in the world.

Expand your yoga or meditation experience with these new insights. See how your routine is not only stretching, but connecting, uplifting, and life-saving.

YOU’LL be excited knowing that the discoveries have been analyzed by the finest experts in the field. If credibility and authenticity are what you are looking for, these findings will thrill you. Witness the mainstream discoveries that have not found their way before the general public – until now. Browse through these truly objective, unbiased, unprejudiced studies. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of interconnecting, paradigm breaking discoveries.  READ MORE

YOU’LL connect with thousands of spiritual moderates like yourself

Spiritual Moderates, Yoga, Meditation, and Humanity Lovers are the new normal. Through these discoveries, you will connect with millions of open-minded, caring, and loving people like yourself.

Yoga and Meditation Lovers are the new normal. Through these amazing discoveries, you will connect with millions of open-minded, caring, and loving people like yourself.

Enjoy a deep breath of fresh and sensible thinking. Often, books and publications on similar subjects present only extremist viewpoints. Those of militant atheists on the one hand and Orthodox literalists on the other. Now breeze through the airy, capacious, and all-embracing worldview of genuine spirituality as it was taught by the ancients. Take in as many refreshing, invigorating, and soulful breaths of it as you wish! READ MORE


Relax with peace of mind knowing the new agreements between ancient spiritual beliefs and modern discoveries are peer-reviewed & approved by the finest scientists in the world.

Relax with peace of mind knowing the new agreements between ancient spiritual beliefs and modern discoveries are peer-reviewed & approved by the finest scientists in the world.

Discoveries approved by scientific writer for the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY Monograph Series and the fine journal The Scientific American journal - Prof. Pankaj S. Joshi. “REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.” LEARN MORE

A NEW perspective can instantly resolve many issues. Watch this video. LEARN MORE 

Sanjay C Patel - former monk and published researcherAbout Sanjay C Patel 

Sanjay C. Patel is a former monk of 20 years. He is a master of yoga and meditation, and a scholar of science and spirituality. He has a truly broad and non-dogmatic outlook. He’s also an inspiring communicator who has spoken on the same platform with many top keynote speakers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and others. However, his views do not always agree with theirs. Learn more ...

Questions by Experts 

Does modern science affirm ancient spiritual wisdom? Can we prove that spiritual experiences are absolutely real and objective? Can we do the same for life-after-death experiences? Is there a loving divinity around and within us? Can we protect our teens and other loved ones from the extremist positions of militant atheism and religious fundamentalism? Can we wipe-out ignorance and save lives? Can we heal our world? Get the answers ...

What's the Status Quo? 

Those who believe all dogma might feel unable to accept these liberating discoveries. Only those who can think independently will have the ability to appreciate the beautiful harmony between science and spirituality as well as between the world's faiths in ancient times before organized and dogmatic religions grew around themLearn more ...


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