Yoga Nations Foundation and Blockchain

Yoga Nations™ Foundation Using Blockchain Technology – Post Covid

Yoga Nations is a blockchain platform for a positive-minded community that connects with others by appreciating their smallest good deeds. Every video of positive activity shared on the Yoga Nations platform automatically receives free YOGA tokens and even more for likes. Yoga Nations attracts and incentivizes a global community of positive energy! It is a non-profit organization.

Due to the effects and repercussions of Covid, perhaps more than any time in modern history, the entire planet is engulfed in heightened stress and negativity.

Through the proven benefits of true yoga, Yoga Nations™ aims to create a global and holistic transformation of the health and mental well-being of billions of people in every dimension of their lives.

True Yoga is not a physical exercise or posture. It’s an awakened state of mind and universal connectivity with all people and things. Connecting positively with others and genuinely appreciating their most common good deeds can do much to shine light and joy on a dark day.

Founded by Sanjay C Patel, a former monk of 20 years, Yoga Nations™ is dedicated to making all nations healthier in every dimension: healthier bodies, minds, and spirits. Healthier families, relationships, and communities. Healthier economies, jobs, and workspaces. Healthier business practices, politics, and government. Healthier crime and misdemeanors numbers. Healthier animals, trees, and ecosystems. Healthier quality of life, climate, and planet.

True yoga can save the world trillions of dollars a year and imbue a quality of existence that money cannot buy! 

Yoga Nations™ utilizes authentic yoga to spiritually connect diverse communities on a single platform to unify a divided and hurting world. The growing popularity of yoga across cultures and countries can unite the world’s people in a way that solves many modern challenges. Sanjay calls it The Yoga Miracle.  

“Yoga isn’t about twisting into a pretzel. It’s more about untwisting the wound up mind. It’s about transforming who we are when we are off the mat. It’s about connecting positively with all people, creatures, and the environment,” says Sanjay. 

Current Paradigm of :

Heroes are those who do great things or save the world, movie stars, sports stars, singers and dancers, the rich and beautiful, the powerful and influential.

“Yoga Nations™ is dedicated to turning this current paradigm on its head: Going to the moon or ‘saving the world’ are not the only heroics. Helping and connecting with the person next to you is even nobler,” says Sanjay.

Yoga Nations New Paradigm:

* There is no such thing as a small good deed. All positive activity is huge.

* All positivity should be acknowledged, shared, and rewarded.

* Our Blockchain app will provide a secure method of rewarding people with Yoga Tokens for even the ‘smallest’ positive activity they upload and share through video on the Yoga Nations Blockchain.