Thinking Of Starting Yoga?

If you’re thinking of starting yoga, prepare for a feast. You’re going to experience just how beneficial and miraculous your yoga practice can be.

But you need to get it right. Yoga isn’t just about twisting into a pretzel. It’s more about untwisting the wound up mind.

Indeed, many yogis realize just how wound up their minds were only after they began to unwind them!

Yoga’s popularity is sweeping across the world because of its numerous, life­ transforming benefits ­ without the adverse side­ effects of medications.

Yoga is advantageous even if you’re not sick.

Yoga boosts and strengthens your whole life ­ – your physical health, psychological happiness, spiritual well­ being, relationships, career, and everything else that’s a part of you.

Being holistic and multi­dimensional, yoga brings you peace, happiness, and success in many ways and on many levels ­ including professional, intellectual, social, and personal.

It does this simultaneously. Yoga does so much for you, it’s quite miraculous.

Why? Because yoga is so fundamental to human life. It works on your very breath and thoughts.

When you learn yoga, you’ll learn simple ways to implement it’s simple techniques in your daily routine. Even though yoga’s transformations feel ‘miraculous’, there’s no magic going on here. Yoga is a pure principle of science.

That’s why so many doctors and hospitals are recommending yoga today.

But yogis in India discovered it millennia ago. Much of it in the majestic Himalayas.

Just 20 years ago, in the west yoga was considered pseudo­science, speculation at best. Today, there are waves of scientific discoveries authenticating yoga’s beliefs.

Your yoga routine isn’t mumbo jumbo. It’s scientific.

In my book “The Yoga Miracle” you will learn how science is authenticating meditation techniques and corroborates the scientific worldview and universe of the ancient yogis. Everything is referenced and beautifully illustrated.

You’ll also see the little talked about similarities between some of yoga’s ancient beliefs and  those of the world’s faiths and how centuries ­old controversies between science and spirituality are resolved in masterful strokes by ancient yogis!

You’ll experience firsthand How The Yoga Miracle Works.