Meditation – The Soul of Yoga

Some of the earliest manuscripts on meditation techniques arose in India. One particularly famous book is called the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. It was written by the great Yogi Sage Patanjali. Other great works are by the Yoga Sage Vashishta. There are others texts, too. These are the world’s original handbooks of meditation techniques. But they […]

What Is Meditation?

There are two major forms of meditation. But you may be confused by the sheer number of meditation techniques to be found on the Internet today and what they really seek to achieve. Firstly, it will be useful to put the whole field of meditation techniques into perspective. The word meditation has two main uses […]

What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

Today, yoga is commonly practiced for its therapeutic effects on a number of medical conditions. But thousands of years ago, there was much more to it. Yoga wasn’t practiced only for health and well-being. It was holistic and incorporated another seven disciplines, an eight-fold path known as ‘Ashtanga Yoga.’ (Ashta means ‘eight’ and Anga means […]

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Transform Your Life Holistically Through Yoga, Meditation, and Wisdom! REDUCE STRESS, depression, and anxiety. New discoveries in science and medicine show how yoga and meditation help you experience inner tranquility by reducing stress. But even more powerfully, by reducing stress, yoga and meditation reduce – or even reverse – numerous diseases and conditions. For instance, […]

Reduce School Violence And Drug Use With Yoga

Yoga and meditation can help reduce hatred, school violence, drug use, gateway drugs, alcohol, and bullying along with a host of other dangers. Yoga can save lives! It can help heal our communities. It can help teens and other loved ones who have thoughts of suicide, or suffer from depression, anxiety, inferiority complex, violence, bullying, […]

Thinking Of Starting Yoga?

If you’re thinking of starting yoga, prepare for a feast. You’re going to experience just how beneficial and miraculous your yoga practice can be. But you need to get it right. Yoga isn’t just about twisting into a pretzel. It’s more about untwisting the wound up mind. Indeed, many yogis realize just how wound up […]

How The Yoga Miracle Works

Today, though yoga is commonly practiced for its therapeutic effects on a number of medical conditions, in its original context thousands of years ago, it didn’t refer just to these exercises for physical health.   Yoga is holistic. This means it takes care of the whole of you. Your physical health, psychological happiness, spiritual well­ […]