Seven Breakthroughs in Science and Religion

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I use the term ‘Science and Religion’ with reluctance. Perhaps Science and spirituality would be more accurate in the context of my discussion.

This is because the word religion has acquired negative connotations due to association with terrorism and other challenges. For this reason, many people call themselves spiritual, not religious. Such people are often friendly towards other faiths and believe that other people can reach heaven, too. God belongs to all and all are God’s children.

Yet, academia continues to promote the old and quite false narrative that the world’s faiths are at odds with each other and also at odds with science.


This old narrative has been debunked by seven groundbreaking new discoveries:


  1. Judaism and Hinduism are ancient relatives

Contrary to common belief, Judaism and Hinduism are as deeply connected as Judaism and Christianity. That means Christianity and also Islam are connected to Hinduism. There are too many vivid parallels to be a coincidence.


  1. Genesis’s 6 “days” and science are connected

When the scientific creation timeline of 13.8 billion years is calibrated into 6 equal days – each spanning 2.3 billion years – the sequence of each phase in Genesis and its timeline across all 7 Days corresponds with major past and future episodes of our universe, Galaxy, and Earth. Genesis describes the emergence of the five elements, just like Hindu texts.


3. God floats over a dark abyss of water in Genesis and Hinduism 

The first paragraph of Genesis is almost identical to the earliest description of creation given in Hindu texts, at least 1500 BC, as old as the Bible. God floats over an abyss of water in darkness. This is not a coincidence.


4.  Noah’s flood in Genesis is also in Hindu texts

The description of Noah’s flood in Genesis is almost identical to the description in Hindu texts, at least 1000 BC, as old as the Bible. Not only is the first paragraph of Genesis in Hindu texts, so is Noah’s flood. This is not a coincidence.


5. Hindu texts contain important material lost from Genesis

Hindu texts include additional details about the flood and its cause that may have been lost from Genesis. Hindu texts say that before the rains there was volcanism and global death due to the poisons fumes. There was also global flooding. They also give the timeframe of the events and they agree with science to an amazing degree. This is not a coincidence.


6. Jewish and Hindu texts describe the Big Bang creation!

Ancient Jewish and Hindu texts accurately describe the Big Bang creation of the universe! They correctly describe the emergence of the five elements. This is not a coincidence. The reason, perhaps, that religious leaders are reluctant to talk about these beautiful texts is because they also say that God belongs to all creatures across the universe and he redeems them all. God, in other words, does not belong to any one faith. This supports spiritual a worldview where all people are God’s chosen children and all are saved.


7. Ancient Sages new a whole lot about the universe

They knew a whole lot of things we would not expect them to know. This is evident from the Bible what it is also apparent in other texts. Ancient yoga is a case in point.

What ancient yogis knew:

  1. Volcanoes and Hydrothermal Vents under the sea 
  2. Permian Extinction of Life Globally due to volcanism
  3. Big Bang creation of the universe
  4. Sequence of creation of the elements
  5. Elasticity of spacetime
  6. Birth and end of Sun
  7. Billions of Earths, planets, and galaxies
  8. Universe of infinite space has no center, or up or down
  9. Cosmic Dance of galactic clusters
  10. Life all over the universe

Yet extremists on both sides – religious and scientific – are trying to ignore them.

Why? Apparently, perhaps because they are too deeply invested in their extreme atheistic or religious views. Why so invested? Possibly because these new universal discoveries render their narrow beliefs redundant and irrelevant.

Read about these new discoveries in my book God Is Real – The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality.

In Yoga,

God Is Love.

God is an infinite, incomprehensible, and luminous Being of Love, Intelligence, and Bliss.