Reduce School Violence And Drug Use With Yoga

Yoga and meditation can help reduce hatred, school violence, drug use, gateway drugs, alcohol, and bullying along with a host of other dangers.

Yoga can save lives! It can help heal our communities. It can help teens and other loved ones who have thoughts of suicide, or suffer from depression, anxiety, inferiority complex, violence, bullying, exam stress, and failure.

Yoga can help students live more balanced and holistic life styles. We can help them steer away from drugs and alcohol.

“The heart of education is the education of the heart,” it has been rightly said.

At schools we learn about important principles of science such as gravity; about principles of arts such as creativity; and about principles of sports such as teamwork.

What we sometimes forget to impart are the principles of compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance.

These are indeed principles. Because their value has been proven objectively by scientific studies. Evidence-based, peer-reviewed, published studies show that they help:

* Quiet the mind, reduce stress, and stress related ailments such as heart disease and hypertension (high blood pressure). [1]
* Reduce and REVERSE heart disease without medication. [2]
* Reduce anger, aggression, violence, and judgmentalness such as hatred, grudges, and vengefulness. [3]
* Increase Meta-cognition. This is your ability to estimate your own abilities,
strengths, and weaknesses. The more accurate your self-assessment, the better your chances of success. [4]

Yoga and meditation are scientifically proven to reduce many effects of stress and counteract hatred and violence.

Yoga and meditation can make schools a safer place and can save lives! They can help heal our world.

We can protect our teens and other loved ones from suicide, depression, anxiety, inferiority complex, violence, bullying, and failure. We can help students live more balanced and holistic life styles. We can help them steer away from drugs and excessive alcohol.

How do yoga and meditation help?

New scientific studies are corroborating what ancient yogis have taught for millennia. Exciting discoveries in brain imaging reveal how yoga and meditation help you become less impulsive and think more clearly. So you make better decisions and get better results in every aspect of your life.

Transform your life! Practice yoga and meditation for just 5 mins a day. Calm your mind and make superior choices that bring you success in your career, financially, socially, and personally.

Try this meditation approved by Harvard Medical School now!



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