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 Patel’s 30 years of groundbreaking research, meetings with leading scientists, and 20 extraordinary discoveries condensed into a few pages.

⇒ World class publication in three mainstream, international, peer-reviewed science journals – the gold standard of academic research. 

⇒ The only work of its kind to get published in such high ranking journals.

⇒ Presented before scientists at the 22nd International Congress of History
of Science, July 2005, where it was warmly received.

⇒ Powerful evidence of a profound relationship between yoga, science, and spiritual beliefs. 


Synopsis of Discoveries

Sanjay’s groundbreaking findings suggest ancient Indian yogis had extraordinary knowledge of deep-sea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents.

But hydrothermal vents were discovered by scientists only in 1977. To find them they had to use the highly advanced submersible called Alvin to dive to the seabed. 

How did the ancient yogis possess such impossible knowledge without using scientific equipment?

It suggests they indeed possessed spiritual inspiration and intuition, just as the yogis themselves explained!

“After knowledge of the Self is attained through yoga,

then intuitive hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, smelling,

… and omniscience come into being.”

Yoga Sutra 3.35, 48

“The steadfast perceive everything with [their] eye perfected through yoga.”

Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.11.17 

Sanjay has also discovered clear descriptions of the Big Bang creation of our world in those same ancient Yoga Texts which are more than 2000 years old.

He studied this and other ancient correspondences with science, in a traditional setting as a Yoga monk for 20 years at a yoga ashram and seminary in India.

Subjects of his study included Yoga, Meditation, World Faiths, Science and Spirituality,  Ancient Cosmology, and Modern Cosmology.

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