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Sanjay C Patel, former monk of 20 years, yoga and meditation expert, stress management speaker, yoga instructor, the yoga miracle, God is real

“My life’s mission is to help people in need.

Not only physically and psychologically, but also holistically and spiritually. 

What I have done is due to the inspiration of my parents and spiritual teachers,” says Sanjay.


At age 20, seeking enlightenment, he left behind his comfortable life in London UK, to help the poor and live at a monastery (ashram) in the wilderness of India.

Sanjay teaches from the authentic experiences of what he has lived, breathed, and practiced for 20 years as a monk.

He actually lived the ancient practice of austerity and self-denial prescribed for advanced yoga and meditation.

He practiced yoga and meditated for 6 hours a day every day for 20 years!

Often, he meditated for days on end. This was to explore true self-discovery, true self-esteem, and true self-control. It led to a genuine mastery over the mind.

He fasted for four days at a stretch, even without water. Additionally, he fasted 8 days a month. He slept on the cold floor, awoke every day at 5am, showered in freezing water, and ate simple vegetarian food. 

He didn’t even watch tv, listen to the radio, or have a phone. He didn’t drink tea or coffee or sodas. He didn’t eat onion or garlic. He mixed his food with water in a begging bowl before eating.

He rejected all pleasures and comforts of the body and delved into yoga, meditation, self-control, self-development, spirituality, and helping the poor.

Without receiving any salary or compensation or other source of income whatsoever for 20 years, Sanjay in effect committed career suicide when he dedicated the prime youth of his life to helping the poor and those afflicted by floods, famine, and earthquake in India and around the world.

The yoga practiced by Sanjay is the completely undiluted form of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practiced by the monks and sages of yore.



* Involved in charitable projects directly helping thousands of needy people and children in rural India.

* Personally mentored more than 100,000 individuals and families around the world!

* Taught powerful life transforming yoga postures, breath control, meditation, philosophy, spirituality, self-control, methods to better achieve success and experience inner peace to tens of thousands of people in India, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

* Read by millions. Former columnist for the Sunday Times of India. His essays and op-ed pieces were loved and read by millions!

He was so popular he was allotted his own column and often appeared in op-ed pieces. His Sunday Times articles became so popular he was also short-listed to write for TIME International Magazine (South Asia edition).

* Globally respected scientific researcher. His work has been published in the finest research journals, and is considered post-PhD level. Learn more

* Author of 11 books. His best selling books are The Yoga Miracle. More than 125,000 copies sold worldwide! He has also written God Is Real which has sold 78,000 copies worldwide.

* Motivational and inspiring speaker. Received numerous standing ovations wherever he spoke!

Renowned and charismatic he was invited to train India’s state of Maharastra’s police department of more than 100,000 personnel for stress management. He was also invited to train the entire teacher’s fraternity and student population of Maharastra’s colleges and universities.

* In the USA he has taught employees of Apple, Oracle, Google, Walgreens, Barclays, Walgreens, and many other large companies, including universities and colleges.

* Has spoken with Deepak Chopra. In August 2004, Sanjay delivered an enlightening talk on Work-Life Balance to 600 medical doctors

This was at a seminar in Chicago. Has also spoken with other prominent speakers as well as at mega conventions before audiences of 10,000 attendees or more.

* Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

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“My motto and message,” says Sanjay “is the Yoga verse: “Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions.”

– ‘Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.’

“Even if kings and queens seek advice from us,” continues Sanjay, “yoga inspires us to remain humble like an empty pot and eager to accept wisdom from all sources. One of my biggest inspirations is a generous-hearted beggar boy who used to collect plastic trash off the streets and lived near our monastery in India. Despite his poverty, he used to offer others his food! My other inspirations include Hellen Keller, Fritjof Capra, Deepak Chopra and another former monk Jay Shetty. Edkart Tolle is another noble person amongst thousands of other inspiring ‘ordinary’ people who do extraordinary things. Even when an antagonist speaks, I search for nuggets or grains of truth and inspiration. This is the open path of yoga. This is the path to true inner growth and self-development.”


Personal holistic practice

Sanjay developed self-control by meditating five times a day, by focusing his 5 senses ‘inwards’ – that means by controlling the worldly focus of his eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin and sending it inwards towards his true self and inner divinity.

He endured fasting without any food or water for eight (8) days a month, every month, and every alternate day during one month of the monsoon period every year, often enduring an additional 4-6 days consecutive fasting. He subsisted on simple vegetarian foods, renouncing delicacies and savories such as onion, garlic, tea, coffee and chocolate.

He avoided television and radio, lived in open dormitories and slept on the hard floor.

He endured the furnace-like heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter, without heating or air-conditioning, walking barefooted on the scorching earth or through the muddy fields.

He practiced and studied Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation in all its arduous eight levels. He also practiced Hatha Yoga, studied Sanskrit and yoga philosophies, theologies, the World Faiths, and Modern Science.

This is just a small glimpse of how Sanjay has lived for 20 YEARS.



He learned yoga from yoga’s greatest: HH. Pramukh Swamiji (BAPS), the Dalai Lama, Chidananda Swamiji (Divine Life Mission), and Chinmayanand Swamiji (Chinmaya Mission).

He also learned from Chinna Jeer Swamiji, Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj ji, Ramdev Swamiji, and many other respected monks and scholars.

Consequently, he experienced the blissful transcendental experience called Yoga Samadhi. This is the highest goal of yoga, rarely attained. It is a condition of spiritual bliss and inner awakening that reveals the spiritual connectedness and oneness of all people and things.

In response to his deeply touching experiences, Sanjay embarked upon a mission to help others connect with their own spirituality and experience its priceless rewards – self-control, success, and the fulfillment of ones dreams. He has traveled extensively around the world with his message of experiencing peace, harmony, and personal success through yoga.


Groundbreaking Research

* 30 years of meticulous research, consultations with leading scientists, and 10 years of writing.

* Publication of Sanjay’s extraordinary findings in three mainstream, international, peer-reviewed science journals – the gold standard of academic research. It is the only work of its kind to get published in such high ranking journals!

* Findings presented before scientists at the 22nd International Congress of History of Science, July 2005, where it was warmly received.

* Powerful advocate of cooperation and synthesis in the relationship between the study of science and religion and spirituality.

* Groundbreaking researcher of Comparative Hebrew, Christian, Yoga, and Modern Cosmology Studies. There are many connections.

* Pioneer of probably the most definitive exploration of connections between modern science and ancient spirituality, as well as between the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and ancient Yoga.


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In June 2007, former monk of 20 years Sanjay C Patel became the first in the world to uncover the following amazing proof of God and Genesis! It’s simple but profound:

Science says the age of the universe is 13.8 billion years old and the Sun is 4.6 billion years old. But Genesis says God created the entire universe in 6 ‘days’ and the Sun by the end of day 4. God rests on the seventh. How can this contradiction with science be explained?

Patel discovered that when you divide 13.8 billion by 6, each ‘day’ of Genesis is actually 2.3 billion years long. Since the Sun appeared two ‘days’ ago on day 4, its age will be 2 x 2.3 billion years = 4.6 billion years old – exactly the same age discovered by modern science!

Similarly, across all six days of Genesis, Patel discovered 20 major agreements with creation phases of our universe, Galaxy, and Earth! Without a single contradiction.

He also reveals a superb scientific explanation for Noah’s Flood never before imagined – and similarities in the East.

How is all this knowledge of modern science in ancient texts a coincidence? Patel presents the world’s most powerful case for divine revelation in Genesis, proof that you are spirit, and amazing scientific proof of God in the Bible.

“God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality”



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Patel presents these proven and simple-to-learn techniques so that you can quickly enjoy revitalized and rejuvenated health! He also explains how yoga brings out the better you, improves your relationships, removes the false ego, and resolves centuries-old controversies of science and spirituality.

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My mission is to heal divisions and help others.

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