10 Facts About Hinduism

10 Elevating Facts About Hinduism:

1. Hinduism respects and accommodates all faiths (inclusiveness)

2. Hinduism is the mother of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness (mental peace and health)

3. Hinduism is compassionate to all people and creatures = ahimsa (peaceful and non-violent). Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were inspired by Hinduism via Mahatma Gandhi

4. Hinduism cares for the environment as sacred (environment friendly)

5. Hinduism is the mother ayurveda (natural medicine without side-effects)

6. Hinduism is one of the oldest faiths (at least 5000 BC)

7. Hindu God Dyaus (Zeus) from the Rig Veda was worshipped from India to Greece around 800 BC (connects cultures East and West)

8. Hindus are the first vegetarians and vegans by Faith (vegetarian inheritance)

9. Hinduism gave birth to Buddhism and Zen (also peaceful faiths)

10. Hinduism is very scientific. It describes the Big Bang Creation and much more (science friendly)