Atheism explains so little. Spirituality suggests answers.

atheism explains so little









Many militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins make the baseless claim that atheism and evolution theory explain the whole universe.

This is evidently false. 

The universe exists. But it does not explain itself. 

Why is it here? Why is there something – this universe – rather than nothing at all – zilch, nada, nothing? Not even space? 

Atheism and evolution have no answer.

The next most obvious thing to us is our consciousness. What is it? The nature of our consciousness and the feeling of I-ness is so real. Yet science is unable to give any rational explanation of it as of yet.

Thirdly, there is love, truth, and beauty. What are they? 

All of these things evade explanation by atheism and evolution theory.

The truth is atheism and evolution can never answer the Grand Questions of WHY. Militant atheists keep harping on the Hows, but they are silent on the Whys.

It’s a deafening silence. But if they meditate and pray, they might hear the music of their soul, wonder at the grandeur of their consciousness, and connect with a Divinity that transcends their comparatively fickle scientific experiments and theories.

~ Sanjay C Patel



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