The Work / Life Balance

WORK-LIFE BALANCEIn August 2004, I delivered a talk on The Work-Life Balance to 600 medical doctors at a seminar in Chicago where the bestselling author Deepak Chopra, M.D. was also a speaker.

Due to popular demand, I’m sharing here an overview of my talk that day. Thank you.


I explained, quoting some inspiring examples and studies that:

There are four major components of our lives that should not be ignored. Neither should one be given precedence over the other.

These four components are of increasing subtlety:

1. Family
2. Community
3. Identity
4. Spirituality

If any of these are out of proportion or if any of these are out of synch with the other, it leads to psychological distress and ailments in one’s body. Good psychological and physical health is supported by the above four components in our lives.

A quick overview of what I mean by each:

Family – a family that eats, plays, and prays together, stays together. It’s a cliché, but a very powerful and authentic one. Try to eat, ‘play,’ and pray together at least once a week. It will help keep your family together and smooth out the bumps. A family without deep strife is an important component of peace and happiness – and maintaining great health. Too many people’s health is being affected by frictional family environments.

Community – a hardworking as well as charitable community makes for a positive, caring environment in the streets, businesses, and schools. We all need to get out into streets and schools visibly to work for the community charitably. Its also the best way to teach and inspire the younger generation of the merits of hard work and charity, too.

Identity – not so much about national, political, racial, or cultural identity, but about simple Self. Be yourself. Do not strive to ‘be like’ or ‘look like’ anybody else. Be You. You are wonderful as you are. You don’t have to become somebody else to be marvelous. Love yourself. Yes, you can change yourself and make improvements, but not for the sake of imitating somebody. Do it for yourself, not so much for your family or community, but because its right thing to do.

Spirituality – whatever your personal spiritual background, belief in the Divine reduces stress, improves health, lengthens life, reduces disease, gives strength, and helps you bounce back even when you hit rock bottom. Faith is a tremendous divine energy. We are all spiritual beings in essence. And ultimately, we abide in that essence. So try to remain centered in it. This will help prevent you from being blown around by the buffeting storms we sometimes face during our lives.

When we nurture these four components, our lives become balanced and blissful !

By Sanjay C. Patel, author of GOD IS REAL.

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