Soup kitchen rejects atheists’ donation

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The Spartanburg soup kitchen apparently rejected $2000 that were being donated by an atheist group. Reportedly, members of the soup kitchen rejected the money because the donors were atheists. They felt that they were being targeted.

Perception is reality. If a group of people perceive that another group is trying to undermine them or diminish them, they might well reject their so-called offer to help.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not supporting what members of the soup kitchen did. I’m just trying to understand their actions.

They must have known that this money would help the homeless and hungry. Yet they refused to take it. To me, this shows how suspicion or hatred can undermine humanitarian work even when two sworn ‘enemies’ try to come together in a common cause.

There are many repercussions and implications.

For instance, do some atheists refuse to donate to some charities because they have a spiritual background? Isn’t that as bad as the soup kitchen rejecting their money because of their non-spiritual background?

What a twisted, convoluted, inverted world we live in!

But all’s well that ends well. The atheist group set up its own help stand across the road and distributed packages to the homeless.

Bravo to all those who help those in need.

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