Why Did Psychic Sylvia Browne Die 11 Years Earlier Than Predicted?

sylvia browne dies age 77The famous psychic and medium Sylvia Browne died November 20 at the age of 77. 

In 2003, she appeared on Larry King Live and predicted she would die at the age of 88.

What caused her failed prediction? She was recently the center of controversy when other major predictions she made turned out inaccurate as well. 

For instance, she claimed that an 11-year-old named Shawn Hornbeck who was missing, was dead. It turned out the boy had been kidnapped and was found alive. Similarly, she said that Amanda Berry was dead. But, sensationally, she was found alive nine years later in 2013. 

There have been quite a few failed cases of Browne’s like this, apparently. But it’s probably the failed cases that get most of the publicity. That’s often how the media works. It is sometimes quite anti-spiritual and loves promoting negative spiritual news. 

However, judging by the number of fans she had and the number of best-selling books she wrote, a lot of people had a very high opinion of her predictions. It makes sense that their respect for her was based on the positive results of her predictions. Or maybe not? 

If people found peace and solace and some measure of understanding concerning the larger perspective and deeper dimensions of our world from her message, I believe her life was well lived. 

Unfortunately, she apparently has one conviction of fraud on her record concerning grand larceny. Apparently, even psychics might be prone to human temptations. 

Browne married four times. She has two sons, one of them apparently a psychic as well.

Let’s wish the best for her as she continues her journey.

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