Proof of Heaven – Proof for All Religions!

PROOF OF HEAVENIs there real proof of heaven?

Is heaven real?

Are ‘near-death experiences’ real? 

For those who have already decided one way or the other, heaven is either real or false. Their decision would remain fixed, whatever new evidence may emerge or whatever someone else may have experienced, for instance, during a ‘near-death experience.’

A near-death experience is a spiritual experience that occurs after a person has died or while they are dying. It may be of heaven, God, angels, infinite love, divine light, or any other spiritual experience. The experiences are often told by people who have been revived after dying.

These experiences are so vivid and common around the world – even amongst the educated – that they are now being studied with much scientific scrutiny.

If there truly is objective proof of heaven, it would appear that everyone in the world should accept it – just as everyone accepts the existence of the sun. But this is not the case with heaven. There is still so much controversy. Why?

Because there are still too many loose ends. Unlike the sun, you cannot see heaven with your eyes. You cannot hear it with your ears or detect it with any of your five senses.


It seems heaven – if it exists – transcends the physical world

The only people who claim to have seen heaven are those who knocked on death’s door and returned. 

Such people span across all walks of life and backgrounds: children, males, females, doctors, and people from other professions. After near-death experiences, almost all claim they have ‘proof’ of heaven. They all have very emotional tales to tell.

There seems no reason to doubt their integrity or intelligence. They are honest and rational people.

But does an emotional testimony suffice as PROOF of heaven?


Here are some challenges that the faithful face

People who have had near-death experiences come from all over the world. They come from different cultures and different religions.

A Christian might readily accept the testimony of a Christian child claiming he or she went to heaven as proof of heaven. But would that same person accept the testimony of a young Jewish or Moslem child going to heaven? Would that same person accept the story of a Hindu or Buddhist doctor returning from heaven as a proof of heaven?

The point being made from these examples is that all of these near-death experiences are subjective. They also usually have a specific cultural context. Christians see Jesus, Jews see Yahveh, Moslems see Mohammed.

The Achilles Heel of near-death experiences is that the people who accept them as true often reject the honest testimony of people and children of other faiths.

There seems to be a lot of cherry-picking going on!


This highlights the challenge that near-death experiences of heaven are not objective proof of heaven.

They are culture-specific and often culturally-exclusive. 

Whose proof of heaven is genuine? The Moslem child’s? The Christian child’s? The Hindu child’s? The Jewish doctor’s? The Buddhist monk’s?

They can’t all be genuine, could they? Wouldn’t that mean there are numerous heavens and numerous ‘gods’? This is a challenge that arises with these culturally exclusive near-death experiences.

They often backfire and can actually present a case AGAINST a proof of heaven! Challengers use these variations as evidence that near-death experiences are simply creations of the human brain. Each person’s brain is filled with concepts connected with their own culture and beliefs. As the brain shuts down during processes of dying, and stops receiving images and information from the senses, it draws on its own stock of impressions. A near-death experience results.


This does not mean experiences of heaven or God are false

They are definitely real. God does exist. Heaven does exist. What it means is that we describe our INDESCRIBABLE spiritual experiences through the prism of our preconceptions embedded in the neural networks of our brains.


God is real. Heaven is real. Brain processes are real

Here’s what happens.

Both heaven and God belong to the world of the spiritual. The spiritual universe is divine and transcendental. It lies beyond the faculties of the brain. The brain cannot grasp heaven and God. Therefore they cannot be described. They cannot be analyzed. Logic cannot rationalize them. Nevertheless, they are still real. 

When a person – actually their soul – has a near-death experience, it experiences heaven or God, or both. The experience is blissful and timeless. The soul learns something about the transcendental. Then it returns to its physical body and attempts to recount its experience.


The problem

Now that the soul is within the body, it has only one method of communicating: via the brain.

But the brain is unable to comprehend the divine universe. In fact, it is barely able to comprehend the physical universe – relativity theory and quantum physics being prime examples.

These two proven theories demonstrate how counter-intuitive the physical world is on its deepest levels.

How much more counter-intuitive, then, would be the spiritual world? How, then, would the brain be able to convey the soul’s transcendental experience?

It simply wouldn’t.

Like everything else, the brain interprets the information it receives in accordance with its previous experiences. (This is one of the reasons human beings have so many preconceptions, biases, and prejudices.)

If the brain was convinced prior to the near-death experience that Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna was God, it would interpret the INDESCRIBABLE near-death experience within that framework.


Hence, believers in Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna who have near-death experiences will describe their experience according to their faith without fully realizing what their brain is doing.

Even if they do appreciate the filtering effect of their brains, they are powerless to change it.

Plus, they’re probably within their comfort zone, so why attempt to change it anyway? In their minds, it’s a wonderful proof of heaven that validates their worldview.


But we are still left with the challenge:

Is there objective proof of heaven and God or not? Is there any verifiable method that would lead to the same conclusion whatever your spiritual background?

Indeed, there is! CONTINUE


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“REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.”  Professor P.S. Joshi. Contributor to THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Fields: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.


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