Is There Objective Proof of Life After Death?

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATHIs death the complete end?

Or is there life after death?

Are there any objective proofs? 

One of the most difficult subjects to talk about and also sometimes the saddest, is death.

However, this is not always the case. Our view and response to death much depends on our personal worldview.

What is life? What is death? Are they two sides of the same coin? Or are they two entirely different coins? Can we have one without the other? Does the value of one depend on the other?

What is the true source of life? Is it a beating heart? If so, are we dead between beats? Is the source of life a breathing lung? If so, are we dead between inhalations? 

Is the source of life a firing brain? If so, why do many people revived after brain death claim they continued to be conscious after they ‘died’?

Is the source of your life rooted in any part of your physical body? In other words, are you just your body and nothing more? If this is so, there would be no life after death.

On the other hand, is it possible that you may be something other than your physical body, even your brain? Might you be spirit?


Let us do a small ‘thought experiment’

How old are you?

Let’s say, for instance, you are 35.

Did you know that none of the cells composing your body at the time of your birth are still there? They have all been replaced long ago. The original components of ‘you’ do not exist. In other words, the original ‘you’ does not exist.

Yet you seem to experience a continuity in your existence. You’ll swear that though your body has changed over the years, you are still the same individual inside. 

But how can this be?

If a car had every one of its components replaced with a component that looks different from the original, how can one say that that is the same car? In your case, your body has been replaced with another, yet you continue to feel you are the same person.

The reason is that, in reality, you are spirit – the soul – the charioteer within your body.

Though your body has changed around you, you haven’t. That’s why you experience a continuity in your identity. You are as distinct from your physical body as a driver is from her car. When your body dies, you do not.

There IS life after death.


Another clue to your transcendental soul and life after death

When you cut your hair or nails, do you look at the pieces and say ‘those are me’? Probably not.

Why? Because they really aren’t you. They merely belong to you. Like your phone and computer. But they are not actually you.

Similarly, you regularly use the word ‘my’ when talking of your body. ‘My’ hand, ‘my’ leg, ‘my’ foot.

That means your hands, legs, and feet are not actually you but merely belong to you. Similarly, you say ‘my’ ears, ‘my’ eyes, ‘my’ brain. That implies your ears, eyes, and brain merely belong to you. But they are not actually you. You possess them and you utilize them, but they are not you.

Our true spiritual nature is revealed by the way we speak about ourselves! We are not our bodies. We are spirit.

There really is life after death.

The only thing in your body that remains constant throughout its life is you – the spirit. You manifest as a stream of consciousness from the time of your body’s birth till its death and decomposition. The spirit leaves the body when it is no longer inhabitable.


The unbroken source of that consciousness is you, the spirit within

According to science, the source of your consciousness is yet to be ascertained. Science currently assumes it must be your brain.

New studies however are beginning to challenge this assumption.

Current findings indicate that consciousness exists independent of the brain, or at least, within other areas of the body, too.

Already, it seems, scientists are agreeing that ‘out-of-brain’ experiences may be real.


As research continues, they may eventually concur with ‘out-of-body experiences’ sworn as true by millions of people across history.

Millions of people across the world from past millennia to modern times who were somehow revived after dying swear they lived on after their short stint with bodily existence.

They swear that they remained conscious after their body died.

They swear there is life after death.


These conscious experiences of life after death are also known as ‘near-death experiences’

They have been experienced by people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

They have been experienced by people from all religions East and West.

They have even been experienced – and sworn as true – by doctors and neurosurgeon’s who are experts on the physiological condition of bodies and brains when they die.

In this modern era, there have now been thousands of medically documented cases where people have been revived after clinical brain death. Many of these people have claimed to have had a near-death experience. Almost all of them recount a very emotional and positive account of life after death.

There are many commonalities of these near-death experiences.

Generally, most people say they experienced profound peace, saw a tunnel of light, deceased friends and relatives, and met the source of the universe – the deity.


Such near-death experiences with a very spiritual component is not disputed by skeptics or the scientific community.

What is disputed is the objective reality of spiritual experiences connected with these near-death events.

They dispute the conclusion that we have a conscious soul or spirit. That it exits the body at death. That our soul is able to travel to some sort of heaven in another dimension and experience a deity that is the source of the universe.


Skeptics propose other explanations:

Might life after death be an illusion created by an anxious brain while it worries about death as it dies?

Might the near-death experience be a hallucination of the brain while it is shutting down as it dies?

Might the near-death experience occur while the brain is firing back up as it is revived?

Currently, there is no way of answering any of these questions.

This is because at both times  – that is, while the brain is shutting down and while it is firing back up – the part of our brain that enables us to experience events in chronological time is under stress. Its functionality is skewed.

The result could be this:

Even though it may appear to a dying individual that their consciousness continued ‘after’ their brain had shut down, there is no way of really ascertaining the true chronology – that is, whether their experience occurred after the brain shut down – or whether it occurred as their brains came online again as they were revived.

As far as neuroscience is concerned, the question is currently beyond the scope of modern technology to answer.


Do we need to wait for science to evolve before we can know whether there is life after death?

Not at all.

Just as there are accomplished people in the fields of arts, sports, music, and science, similarly there are accomplished people in the fields of spirituality and consciousness.

This means the question of life after death can be answered definitively.

These accomplished individuals are relatively rare in comparison to the numbers of experts in worldly specialities. But many did live in the past and there are probably a few in existence today.

These individuals are usually sages – males and females – who live introspectively as recluses or monks and nuns. They are therefore hard to find and usually not interested in science’s experiments.

Accomplished in the fields of spirituality and consciousness, these individuals are naturally able to leave and enter their own bodies at will.

And not just to the extent of floating a few feet above it. These individuals are able to roam the cosmos!


Some people will consider this statement to be outrageous. But it is not unsubstantiated.

The statement is naturally extraordinary, yet fully substantiated.

So much so, the findings have been published in several international, peer-reviewed, scientific journals. This is the highest recognition and gold standard of scientific research.

It is a milestone in modern history.

Moreover, many other new discoveries, not yet published in journals, have received positive reviews from some of the most reputed scientists in the world. This again, is another historical milestone. 


Today we are able to prove ROBUSTLY that some ancient sages were truly able to leave their bodies and roam the universe.

How? Because the descriptions of our earth and the cosmos they gave have emerged to be extremely accurate.

So many ancient correspondences (over 100) have emerged with modern discoveries that even scientists are saying there are too many for them to be a coincidence.

Divine inspiration and spiritual prowess are the only way those sages could have possessed such knowledge in ancient times.

Those sages say we do possess a spirit, heaven is real, and there is a God.

There IS life after death.


We are, as the ancient sages described, spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our bodies may be temporary. But we – our souls, our conscious selves – are eternal.

We are not born. Only our bodies are born. We do not die. Only our bodies ‘die’ – more accurately, decompose. The body never really ‘dies’ because it was never truly ‘alive.’ That characteristic belongs to you – the spirit. The body is merely functioning or not functioning. In the case of the latter, it decomposes.

We, ourselves, the souls within the body are the ones that are alive and our lives continue after death.

If our deeds have been worthy, even just one good deed during an entire lifetime, it makes that individual eligible for heaven.

The source of the universe – call it God or whatever you may wish – is loving, forgiving, and compassionate. This is the wisdom transmitted across millennia through sages accomplished in the fields of spirituality and consciousness.

All this taken together with the near-death experiences of countless people in the past and present, proves there is life after death. It is a fact.


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“REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.”  Professor P.S. Joshi. Contributor to THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Fields: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.


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