Six Amazing Things Ancient Yogis Knew

Are you aware of the scientific parallels between ancient yoga beliefs and our universe? (See explanation and pics below.)

Is it real or just a hallucination? How accurate are the parallels? 

On the dot, it seems. Those descriptions have been verified by the finest scientists. (See below) After two decades of pioneering discoveries in earth and space sciences, important parallels with ancient yoga wisdom have emerged. 

They are not speculative. They are specific and objective. Anyone can see them. And you don’t require a background in science to do so. 

Modern scientific discoveries known to ancient yogis

Modern scientific discoveries known to ancient yogis

Following are six topics ancient yogis described in surprising detail. How did they know all these modern discoveries?

1. Hydrothermal vents – these are hot water springs hidden 2 miles beneath the ocean surface. These were first discovered in 1977 when scientists dived down to the sea bed in the state-of-the-art Alvin. [Pic credit: Noaa].

2. The entire universe of space and time expanded from a tiny point. This is now famously called the Big Bang. It was first suspected by scientists in the 1950s. Einstein opposed it saying the idea was “abominable.” [Pic credit: Nasa].

3. There was a worldwide mass extinction of life 250 million years ago. Scientists call it the “end-permian” or “permian-triassic” extinction when life on earth nearly ended. Scientists discovered this only a few decades ago. [Pic credit: NatGeo].

4. Space is populated by giant star systems containing billions of stars and many planets like our earth. Today, scientists call these star systems galaxies. They were discovered in the 1940s. [Pic credit: Nasa].

5. Our Sun was a fuzzy ball of gas when it was born. It was much larger and brighter than today. Modern science calls it the proto-sun and has confirmed its early condition only recently. [Pic credit: John Wiley and Sons].

6. The Sun will expand more than 100-fold in the future and burn our earth to a cinder. This will happen after billions of years. Again, modern science confirms what the ancient yogis saw. [Pic credit: Wiki].

Each of the above topics has many other descriptions by ancient yogis that correlate with modern findings. This suggests the yogis’ knowledge is more than coincidental.

It seems yoga may do more for us than improve our health. World class scientists – such as a leading cosmology writer for the highly acclaimed Cambridge University Monograph Series and The Scientific American Journal – have welcomed the findings.

Detailed and harmonious, many have appeared in mainstream, peer-reviewed journals. 

Why are these findings important?

Because they arise from the heart of yoga. The yoga that more and more people are taking up every day. 

One possible conclusion of the findings is that yoga truly connects you to the whole world, as ancient yogis claimed. Yoga is not only stretching, but connecting. It may not be just a feeling, but a genuine fact.

Everyone has their own conclusions and opinions on the matter. 

But thousands of years ago, some ancient yogis certainly claimed they could see our whole world and universe. They could see everything right where they were meditating – all around them and within their souls. The passages are well-known.

It was an astounding phase of their yoga experience.

Many implications about their descriptions can be opined depending on how you slice it all.

Here are a few possible conclusions:

1. God Is Real. Why? Because the yogis believed in God and said they experienced God as directly as they saw the universe. Since they were certainly enlightened in some way, their proclamation of a God holds water.

2. There is a universal field of energy – physical, psychic, or spiritual – call it what you want. We are all connected to it. Yoga awakens that connection.

3. Psi (parapsychology) or telepathy and clairvoyance are real.

4. Out-of-body and astral experiences are real.

5. By some unimaginable fluke of chance, ignorant yogis guessed all this state-of-the-art stuff correctly.

6. What are your views?

New studies are also unearthing brilliant and straightforward solutions to other centuries-old controversies. Some examples are Noah’s Flood and Genesis’s Seven Days. These solutions are compatible with modern, mainstream science.

The harmonious solutions belong to anyone who practices yoga, meditation, or any compassionate worldview.

They also encourage mutual respect between science and spirituality, and between East and West.

Expand your yoga or meditation experience with these new insights. See how your routine is not only stretching, but connecting. See how ancient yoga wisdom is latent within your soul and connects you with all blessed things in the world.

Expand your yoga or meditation experience with these new insights. See how your routine is not only stretching, but connecting with everything in the world.

What a breath of fresh air. Yoga seems to help us move away from the false discussion created by extremists and fundamentalists.

We can discover ancient wisdom and modern scientific harmony together. We can find them at the pinpoint center of our yoga and meditation experience.

They can also help educate your loved ones. Especially if they feel that spirituality contradicts scientific discovery.

The new findings are the result of a 30 year study by a former yoga monk, Sanjay C. Patel. He researched for 20 years at a traditional ashram in India and for a further 10 years in the UK and US.

It has been an unpaid, selfless labor of love and scholarship. The results are monumental and exhilarating.

You don’t need a background in science to understand the findings. And they’ve been endorsed by the finest scientists.

This is the real McCoy. It’s the real You within you. The all-knowing dormant You described by the ancient yogis. Learn more. 




This new book discusses material from ancient Yogis and other great Teachers rarely heard of in the western world.

This new book discusses material from ancient Yogis and other great Teachers rarely heard of in the western world.

THE YOGA MIRACLE – How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness

Review from scientific writer for the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY

Monograph Series and the fine journal


Prof Pankaj S. Joshi. Expertise: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.

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