Is Belief In God Blind Faith?

is there a god? is god real?

Is belief in God and other spiritual subjects a matter of faith? Or is that changing?

Objective proof of God is emerging, believes Sanjay C. Patel, author of GOD IS REAL – The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality 

Sanjay shows that faith need not be blind. 

Moreover, spiritual belief may be as important as belief in the discoveries of science.

Like physics with math, singing with music, bread with milk, when utilized together, science with spirituality might do for each other what they could never have done alone.

What our world may need today is not only scientific progress nor only spiritual wisdom, but also synchronism of the two. 

Patel has dedicated thirty years of his life studying the various areas where syncretism is emerging.

But he offers more than the usual material and goes well beyond. 


Do you 

* Appreciate OBJECTIVE proofs of God?

* Perceive little contradiction between science and spirituality?

* Reject dogma that condemns other faiths and denominations?

* Opine that all goodness leads to heaven and God?

* Are interested in the proven benefits of yoga and meditation?

* Would like to see science and spirituality work together for the holistic benefits they can give to our world? 


If you replied yes to any of these,

then you have arrived at the right place. 


What do holistic discoveries do for the world?

Here is an example: did you know that meditation and yoga make you calm, reduce stress, reverse heart disease, save lives? [1]

This is a medical fact.

But yoga and meditation were not discoveries of modern science. They were discoveries of ancient spirituality!

Today, without medication, they bring peace to the minds of millions of people, save thousands of lives each day, and reduce medical expenses to a fraction. All over the world, doctors and scientists are lauding the benefits of yoga and meditation and encouraging their practice after extensive scientific studies. [2]

This is what can happen when science and spirituality work together.

Similar studies can work through every arena of spirituality that could possibly precipitate a windfall of holistic benefits – all free of cost to everyone in the world.

Our world would be a much brighter place!


As part of his findings on syncretism, Patel’s landmark thesis illustrates numerous new correspondences between ancient beliefs about our Earth and modern discoveries of science. His work spans three decades of research. It has been lauded by scientists and been published in international, peer-reviewed science journals. This is the highest possible academic recognition.

In his groundbreaking but simple book GOD IS REAL, Patel shows how these ancient correspondences with modern science are proof of divine inspiration and God. The evidence is vivid and OBJECTIVE.







is there a god? is god real?GOD IS REAL – The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality

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“REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.” – Professor P.S. Joshi. 

Writer for the prestigious THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN journal.

Fields: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.


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[1] Always consult your doctor before practicing yoga or meditation

[2] At the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory of Harvard University and other research centers


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