Derive the Deepest Joy Through Bible, Jesus, and Yoga


Experience the deepest joy through bible and yogaYoga is very ancient and highly useful. It nurtures physical health, psychological happiness, and spiritual tranquility.

Is it a complete solution to life’s challenges?  


Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about yoga is that it follows the same teachings as Biblical Genesis and Noah’s flood as well as Jesus’s message to seek the kingdom of God within you. (Luke 17:21)

Awareness that yoga comes together so beautifully with the Bible and science enhances the user experience tremendously. It’s like a bird with two strong wings.

Just as a bird can fly only with two wings, similarly your yoga practice really flies when it also has ‘two wings.’ One wing is the physical exercise. The other is its universal worldview.

When both of these come together the yoga practitioner flies in the sky like a bird. Not literally of-course, but inwardly.

Why is this? Because just as the physical benefits of yoga are solidly proven by science, so has the worldview of yoga also been solidly proven by science.

Our earth and universe have been described in great detail by ancient yogis. And it all matches modern discovery. Recently, the Bible’s worldview has also been confirmed. As it turns out, our understanding of the Bible, its seven days of creation, and Noah’s Flood have till now been deeply misunderstood. Moreover, these descriptions in the Bible also have profound parallels with ancient yoga.

The Bible and Ancient Yoga Texts Teach Similar Beliefs

In fact, there are TWENTY-TWO exact parallels between the cosmology and flood descriptions of the ancient Israelites and Indians, with only 5 variations (not contradictions) between them.

There are numerous revelations given by ancient Israelites and Indian sages who shared many beliefs about our universe.

The accurate information they revealed is impossible to know without the use of modern telescopes and computers.

Skeptics argue that spirituality and science collide; that the Bible has it wrong. But the truth is different.

You can witness for yourself the new agreements between the Bible and science that emerged with the release in 2003 of NASA’s study of the early universe.

The new agreements between East and West as well as with science PROVE we are all part of something grand.




Manuals about the physical exercises of yoga are incomplete without showing you yoga’s beautiful worldview.

Spiritual handbooks such as GOD IS REAL – The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality go a long way in filling that longstanding deficiency. With stunning images, it explains the worldview of yoga and its agreement with the Bible.

Remember, yoga didn’t appear from nowhere. It was taught to us by wise people in ancient India and Israel. They also gave us a cosmology – a worldview to use along with the physical exercises.

As with olympic athletes, it’s not enough to train and exercise physically. They need to develop a positive worldview, too. 


It’s the same with yoga. And yoga along with the Bible presents perhaps the most positive, all-embracing, and genuine worldview imaginable.


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“REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.” – Professor P.S. Joshi. 

Writer for the prestigious THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN journal.

Fields: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.


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* Always consult your doctor before beginning any yoga practice.


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