Experience The Divine Within You

Have you searched for God at places of worship, within scripture, or holy people? The chances are, you might have experienced something peaceful and transcendental. But did you know that same divinity exists deep within you? Indeed, deep within everyone and every thing? The profoundest pilgrimage begins from within the soul and also ends there. Learn how to make that transcendental trek to your center.

The following four components are crucial for this indescribable experience:

  1. Self-Actualization
  2. Worldview Transformation
  3. Love and Prayerfulness
  4. Meditation


Learn How To Experience the Divine Through the Ancient Art of

  1. Self-Suggestion
  2. Controlled Breathing
  3. Meditation
  4. Prayerfulness



  1. Inspiring & Enlightening Talk by Sanjay C. Patel
  2. Practical and Guided Session On Above Four Ancient Arts by Sanjay C. Patel
  3. Powerful Multimedia Presentation
  4. Self Evaluation Tests
  5. Enlightening Open Forum Question-Answer Sessions!


Length of Seminar: 3 hours

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