Does Heaven belong to all?

The Spiritual Experiences of Millions







There have been a number of books in recent years about people who have had near-death experiences. Those individuals were certified clinically dead, but somehow bounced back. They reported they had a spiritual experience – often termed a ‘near-death experience.’

During these spiritual encounters they purportedly left their bodies and made a trip to heaven. After a period of engagement and communication with the divine or with family and loved ones who had also passed away, these individuals are sent back to Earth to complete their mortal lives.

Near-death experiences are not rare. There are tens of thousands of recorded instances in the United States alone. There have been millions reported throughout the world. Millions more have been reported throughout history.

Neither are near-death experiences unique to people from any one faith. Christians experience them. Hindus experience them. Moslems experience them. Jews experience them. Buddhists experience them. People from obscure faiths experience them.

Even atheists have experienced them!

It appears that near-death experiences are universal. Spirituality is universal. Heaven belongs to all. God belongs to all. Maybe even to some alleged atheists.

In effect, we all appear to be worshiping the same Divinity. We all go to the same heaven. We all belong to the same faith. We just call our God, heaven, and faith by different names and we have different concepts based on various cultures and experiences.

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