Can Yoga Offer Scientific Evidence of the Divine?

The new proof of God from ancient yoga is as beautiful and certain as our Earth is round.

The new proof of God from ancient yoga is as beautiful and certain as our Earth is round.

The matter of the Divine or ‘God’ has puzzled scientists and believers alike across centuries. Does the Divine really exist? If so, the God of which faith? Or are all faiths speaking of the same Divinity using different names and theologies – just as yoga states?

Other enigmatic questions concern the appearance of our universe and life. Did they appear by chance and natural laws? Or was there a guiding hand?

Do miracles really happen or are they just flukes? Is some loving being looking after us? Are spiritual experiences real or are they hallucinations of the human brain?

These were questions difficult to answer definitively and objectively through science. Speculation and anecdotal evidence played a large role in these discussions.

Now, peer-reviewed studies of ancient yoga beliefs are beginning to answer many of these baffling questions. 

Science and spirituality are coming together and agreeing on many new topics. Particularly earth sciences and cosmology (cosmos sciences).

The correspondences are so definitive, some of them have appeared in mainstream, peer-reviewed and professional scientific journals. Others on cosmology have been approved by a leading cosmologist who is also a writer for the highly-acclaimed Cambridge University Monograph Series, Prof. Pankaj S. Joshi.

If you practice yoga or meditation or pray sometimes, these profound discoveries will bring you special satisfaction and happiness.

Yogis, yoginis, and spiritual people from all faiths are emerging as winners in matters of body, mind, and spirit. Health for your body; wisdom for your mind; and tranquility for your soul. 

The ancient yoga beliefs and their miraculous agreements with scientific discoveries are truly groundbreaking and fulfilling. Though science and spirituality have previously come together in other ancient texts, the new discoveries are the equivalent of an avalanche.

The findings of the ancient yogis prove that there is some sort of grand, spiritual intelligence. It’s behind all creation and connects it together at all times – past, present, and future. Call it ‘God,’ Divinity, energy, spirit or whatever you prefer. But not a judgemental God. It’s a Divinity that loves all people and life unconditionally. A God that transcends all dogma.

Imagine today if people didn’t know the earth is round.

That’s nearly what it’s like for people who don’t know that science and spirituality connect; that there’s astounding proof from ancient yoga; and remarkable parallels between scientific discoveries and ancient yoga beliefs about our world and universe.

Your yoga, meditation, or spiritual experience is more than skin or brain deep. It truly goes to your very soul. It’s peaceful and authentic. It’s holistic and synergetic.

For instance, the new findings about yoga also tie the world’s faiths together in very ancient times. They shared many yoga-like beliefs before organised religions took them over. In its original, purest form, spirituality ties all people together. It unifies.

This is what we find when we look at the lives and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and Patanjali (the ‘father’ of classical yoga two millennia ago). They shared many beliefs and practices. Evidence shows that they were far more mystical than censored religious texts portray them. Those teachers were compassionate. They weren’t dogmatic. They embraced all people, even ‘sinners.’

But we live in a world where these harmonious and peace-bringing facts are not always known by everyone. Instead, they are swamped by old and debunked arguments. They are emotionally baited into polarized and fruitless debates by extremists and fundamentalists on both sides.

Happily, these powerful findings are turning the tables. The beautiful and harmonious truth – which lies in the middle – is now getting heard. The harmony between science and ancient yoga beliefs has found its way to the forefront of many discussions.

The findings are the result of a 30 year study by a former yoga monk, Sanjay C. Patel. He researched for 20 years at a traditional ashram in India and for a further 10 years in the UK and US.

It has been an unpaid, selfless labor of love and scholarship. The results are monumental and exhilarating.

This is a quick and easy to read book. You don’t need a background in science to understand it. Yogis, yoginis, and moderate people of all ages and faiths will be pleased to learn their physical or mental routine isn’t shallow. It’s led to profound answers to some of the world’s most baffling questions. Learn more.  



This new book discusses material from ancient Yogis and other great Teachers rarely heard of in the western world.

This new book discusses material from ancient Yogis and other great Teachers rarely heard of in the western world.

THE YOGA MIRACLE – How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness

Review from scientific writer for the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY

Monograph Series and the fine journal


Prof Pankaj S. Joshi. Expertise: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.

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