Can yoga improve your relationships?

Can yoga improve your relationships?

When we become calmer, we behave more intelligently. When we behave more intelligently, things work out better for ourselves.

In which way? Probably in as many ways as you can imagine. Studies, skills, memory, steadiness, objectivity, receptivity, sensitivity, compassion, mercy, empathy, love, and relationships just to mention a few.

Moments of madness – madness meaning irrationality – are probably the source of most mistakes in our lives.

Sometimes the negative consequences last a lifetime.

If only we could learn to calm down and not be reactive to everything that happens to us. We need to apply the opposite of “don’t just sit there, do something.” In other words, “don’t just do something, sit there.” The latter is frequently the more appropriate response.

Yoga and meditation put us back in control. They help us take a moment and decide judiciously before reacting to a situation. Those extra few precious moments can make the difference in one’s career, marriage, friendships, and other relationships.

Deep breathing, or mindful breathing, is a cleansing process of yoga and meditation. It cleanses not just the body, but ones mind. They give us some ability to switch our mind on or off.

Even if one does make a mistake in reacting to a situation, Yoga and meditation are like a reset switch which help us within our own souls to accept what we or others have done and live tranquilly.

~ Sanjay C Patel


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