Are there friendly atheists?

are there friendly atheists?












Apparently there are. Some of my own friends are atheists or agnostics. And they are delightful people. They are also charitable, cultured, and thoughtful.

Hemant Mehta (not one of my personal friends), for instance, appears to be one such friendly atheist. He is raising funds to help pay the medical bills of Rev. Norman Hayes. Hayes was reportedly attacked by a militant atheist after a church service. He suffered facial lacerations and a broken nose.

The alleged atheist attacker – is reportedly also a registered sex offender. Mehta apparently admits that the attacker is a serious atheist who is active on Facebook.

Does this mean that all militant atheists are sexual fiends? Of course not. 

Then why do militant atheists insist on bad mouthing all believers? Maybe it’s a kind of Freudian slip and they’re talking about themselves. Maybe there are as many answers as there are militant atheists.

But we can praise Hemant for being a friendly atheist. Kudos to him!

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