Emotional Moment as Secrets of Genesis’s 7 Days Are Finally Solved

is the big bang in ancient yogaBig Bang cosmologist and recipient of the Fundamental Physics Prize 2012, Prof. Andrei Linde: 

“When I was studying Indian philosophy, I was extremely excited that what they say sometimes is painfully close to what I think. With many parts of Indian philosophical thought, you never know whether it is in an allegorical way of expressing things, or whether it is literally what people thought at that time.”[1] Simple.

Linde’s dilemma is now resolved by Patel’s discoveries – some of which have appeared in mainstream, peer-reviewed and professional scientific journals.

Now, not only are there the ancient agreements noticed by Linde and other physicists, but also physically observable cosmological agreements! (Cosmology regards the study of the universe and should not be confused with astrology which regards planetary positions and predicting the future.)

THIS MAKES SENSE. If ancient Yogis genuinely discovered the philosophy, they should also have discovered the attached cosmology. And, apparently they did.

Authentic wisdom of the ancient yogisThese Yogis described the Big Bang and our universe in vivid detail. There are 60 parallels and connections – without a single contradiction – between their cosmology and that discovered by modern science. Sixty convergences are far too many to be a coincidence.

To the credit of intellectually honest skeptics, some leading cosmologists have openly welcomed these findings.


PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY, these findings help solve puzzles in Biblical Genesis !

The ancient Yogis of India AGREED with the descriptions in Genesis and Noah’s Flood.

But they had a different vision from what priests, traditional scholars, and skeptics give us today and it corresponds 100 percent with modern discoveries.

However, orthodox religions, the media, and skeptics probably won’t like you to know about it even though it so important and helpful to humanity.

Why? Because it doesn’t forward their personal agendas – evangelical, political, or commercial.

Solution to debate between science and spiritualityBut these findings resolve almost all criticisms of ancient spiritual beliefs made since Charles Darwin more than 100 years ago.

They also show that the Bible and yoga share many beliefs. In ancient times they were in essence one spiritual tradition. All these remarkable connections nurture peace, harmony, and mutual respect between the world’s faiths, as well as between them and modern science.


yoga and meditationThe first clues to solving Genesis arise from ancient yoga texts. They contain descriptions of creation almost identical to Genesis. This is a remarkable fact and was noted as far back as 1840 by the English Orientalist HH Wilson. [2] Yet, the media, nor skeptics want to talk about this.

Strikingly, the very first paragraph of Genesis describes God presiding over the water. The yoga texts give the same opening description.

In all, there are 22 exact correspondences between Genesis and ancient yoga, with only 5 small variations. It is an undeniable fact that Genesis and Yoga describe an almost identical cosmology. And as you saw above, the detailed yoga cosmology corresponds with modern discoveries on 60 counts.


contradictions between science and Bible resolvedBut the complete solution to Genesis arose with NASA’s announcement of the exact age of the universe and our Milky Way Galaxy in 2003.


In total, TWENTY-ONE parallels with modern discoveries emerge across all its days without a single contradiction!

How Yoga, Science, and Bible Connect - by Sanjay C. PatelHow can all seven days be accurately described like this by accident?

The implications are vast. Psychic and spiritual experiences of the universe are real and objective: after 100 years of fierce debate between science and spirituality, we finally have a 100% scientifically harmonious understanding of Genesis.

No previous knowledge of science is required to understand these exciting new discoveries.

Fortunately today, the Bible is open for everyone to understand. To grasp Genesis, what is required isn’t scholarship, but a little knowledge of recently discovered cosmology. Then you just connect the dots.  


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“REALLY LIKED IT … AUTHENTIC.” – Professor P.S. Joshi. 

Writer for the prestigious THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN journal.

Fields: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.


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[1] Andrei Linde quoted in “Science and the Spiritual Quest: New Essays by Leading Scientists,” by Philip Clayton, p. 186

[2] Vishnu Purana, English Translation, HH Wilson, (1840), Vs 6, Footnote 2, Chapter 4,  p.39.

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