Science Proves Genesis & Noah’s Flood

Hubble Space Telescope and WMAP discoveries support Genesis and ancient yoga textsHow can so many new agreements between the Bible and modern science arise by chance?

They can’t, answer many scientists. They could only be arrived at by divine inspiration.

As such they comprise the ULTIMATE scientific testimony of God’s existence and also serve as proof of heaven.

The existence of something divine – something that exists beyond our physical universe – is now proven beyond doubt. No longer can skeptics say there is no proof of God. We now have absolute proof of God.

Similarly, there are also new agreements between modern science and Noah’s flood. In all, there are TWENTY agreements between Noah’s Flood and modern science with ZERO contradictions.

Combining Genesis and Noah’s Flood, the Bible agrees with modern discoveries on 41 counts.

How is this possible?

All these beautiful and coherent agreements cannot arise by chance. They are proof of the divine. The Bible is Real.

Science Proves Noah's Global Flood Really OccurredThe range of spiritual beliefs receiving scientific confirmation is increasing almost every day. Truly, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Many people experience a deep connection with nature and the earth. Many have had a religious or mystical experience. Many have had epiphanies. Many others are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Modern science is inexorably moving towards similar conclusions of ancient sages. There is a convergence between science and spirituality. They agree far more than they disagree. Continue




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