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Sanjay C. Patel is a former monk, a scholar of science and spirituality, and a master of yoga and meditation. He has a broad and non-dogmatic outlook. He’s also an inspiring communicator who has spoken on the same platform with many top keynote speakers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and others. However, his views do not always agree with theirs.

"I was born to serve others, " says Sanjay. Without receiving any salary or compensation for 20 years, Sanjay became a monk and dedicated the prime youth of his life to helping the poor and building homes for those afflicted by natural disasters around the world.

"My motto and message," says Sanjay "is the Yoga verse: "Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions." Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.

Sanjay originally lived in London, UK. At age 20, seeking enlightenment, he left London to live in an ashram (monastery) as a monk in the wilderness of India. He studied Yoga and Meditation, Sanskrit, World Faiths, Modern Science and his research got published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

His remarkable research on similarities between ancient yoga spirituality and modern science is one of the few to be so indisputable that it has been published in mainstream, peer-reviewed, international scientific journals.

He has practiced and studied yoga and meditation in depth for 40 years. He has a non-dogmatic, non-judgmental, compassionate outlook. He left monkhood after 20 years to spread the wisdom he learned.

He has taught meditation to employees of Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Walgreens, Barclays, and many other large companies, including universities and colleges. He has also spoken at mega conventions before audiences of 10,000 attendees or more. Perhaps most prestigiously, he was invited by The International Congress of Historians of Science attended by approximately 2000 university professors from around the world, to deliver a talk on his remarkable published findings concerning ancient yogis and their extraordinary knowledge of science. The chair of the session commented, “I found Mr. Patel’s presentation by far the most interesting and I agree with his conclusions.”

He is also the author of 11 books



Personally Coached 77,000 People

Personally Guided 20,000 Families

Personally Visited 36,000 Homes

Served 230,000 People

Motivated 20 Million Times of India Readers

Spoke at Numerous Charities, Corporations, Colleges, and Universities Getting Standing Ovations


Dr Rajnjbhai IMG_4451, Dr. Rajnikant Patel, MD, geriatric medicine specialist

Dr. Rajnikant Patel, MD, FACP: "Sanjay's powerful stress reduction meditation has changed my life! I highly recommend him.” Read more

* Former monk of 20 years.

* Expertise in yoga and meditation, and a scholar of science and spirituality.

* Certified yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer - RYT 200 & RYS - Yoga Alliance

* Inspiring communicator who has spoken on the same platform with many top keynote speakers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra. However, his views do not always agree with theirs. 

* Delivered numerous seminars and meditation sessions before audiences and fraternities including doctors, nurses, legal professionals, professors, students, and general public. Invite Sanjay to speak  

* Groundbreaking researcher of Comparative Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu (Yoga), and Modern Cosmology Studies. There are many interconnections. He is a pioneer of probably the most definitive exploration of these connections between modern science and ancient spirituality, as well as between the Bible and ancient Yoga.

* 30 years of research and 7 years of writing, Sanjay’s unique contribution to the study of science and religion is the appearance of his findings in three international, peer-reviewed science journals - the gold standard of academic research. It is the only work of its kind to get published in such high ranking journals.

* Paper presented before scientists at the 22nd International Congress of History of Science, July 2005, where it was warmly received.

* These discoveries are presented in his book THE YOGA MIRACLE - How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness. 

* Sanjay is a Certified Yoga Teacher - Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification, registered with YOGA ALLIANCE. 


Peace is the reduction of hatred between people

Harmony is the reciprocal forgiveness of each other’s foibles

Synergy is the willingness to work together for the larger good


Sanjay's groundbreaking research indicates ancient Indian sages had thorough knowledge of deep-sea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents thousands of years ago.

This was although hydrothermal vents were discovered by scientists only in 1977 when they used the state-of-the-art submersible Alvin to dive to the seabed. The possession of such impossible knowledge in ancient times suggests the occurrence of divine inspiration and the existence of divinity.

Amongst many other ancient correspondences with science, Patel has also unearthed explicit descriptions suggesting the Big Bang creation of our universe in those same ancient Yoga Texts.

Sanjay studied in a traditional setting as a Yoga monk for many years at an ashram in India. Subjects of his study included Yoga, Meditation, World Faiths, Science and Spirituality, and Ancient Cosmology for 30 years.

His amazing wisdom, experience, and published research are presented in his book THE YOGA MIRACLE - How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness. 


SANJAY WITH HIS WIFE PRITYDuring Sanjay's time in India he learned the ancient art of Yoga from a Grand Master and has practiced it fives times a day for three decades. His dedicated practice led to an inner awakening that revealed the spiritual oneness of all people.

In response to his deeply touching experiences, Patel embarked upon a mission to help others connect with their own spirituality and experience its priceless rewards.

He has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, and India with his message of achieving personal success and experiencing pure bliss through yoga and simple lifestyle changes. His mission is World Peace, Harmony, and Synergy.

Sanjay loved life as a monk. Now he's loving life as a happily married man in the USA.


THE YOGA MIRACLE: How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness

THE YOGA MIRACLE - How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness

Review from scientific writer for the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE

Monograph Series and the fine journal


Prof Pankaj S. Joshi. Expertise: general relativity, cosmology, stellar evolution, naked singularities, black holes.

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